Trauma online course

The next trauma online course is going live end of june. Learn about trauma and dedicate some time and space for your own process from the comfort of your home.

Having completed the course you should be better equipped to navigate challenges in life, have broadened your window of resilience and have a more compassionate understanding of your and other peoples wiring. Being able to be present, meet life in this very moment rather than reacting inappropriately based on old memory and therefor shed some weight carried from the past are only some of the many possible benefits.

Please drop me a note using the menu below if you are interested to join, so that I can send you further information in due time.

The trauma online course is designed…

  • to provide basic understanding about how the nervous system functions
  • to talk about the sympathetic and parasympathetic part of the nervous system as well as the importance of the vagus nerve
  • to learn a variety of means to come back to a place of calm, discover your resources & make use of them in moments of agitation
  • to get informed about what trauma is, how it happens & what its effects are
  • to help to discriminate reactions triggered by past memory or present experience & detect fight, flight, freeze and collapse states
  • to build resilience and greater tolerance of uncomfortable sensations in order to help establishing an embodied sense of safety
  • to give space to your own process all along.

It is about honoring our functioning and understanding its tremendous intelligence, which in fact helped to survive.

Now as grown ups we can begin to be kind and understanding with ourselves
and nurture what has been painfully lacking for so long. Finally.

This course includes:

  • 4 group online meetings on zoom of approx 2 hours
  • recordings to re-watch and to not miss out in case you can’t attend live
  • dedicated time for your own process as well as Q & A during each meeting
  • emails from me inbetween meetings with further information
  • additionally I will be available by email and for private sessions throughout this process within my capacities as a working single mum

I do encourage you to be in contact with other participants. For that we might set up a private facebook group. The tribe itself is a big resource, especially as most of us are lacking the sense of true family, belonging and being heard.

Like to register? Have a question? Let me know! I am here for you.